Consultation on gaps and activities for WMO action plan (Hydrology)

Consultation is open until 27 October 2020, please leave your comments for the five action areas below

Congress 18 set-up 8 long-term ambitions for operational hydrology (Res. 24 Cg-18)

  1.  No one is surprised by a flood;
  2. Everyone is prepared for drought;
  3. Hydro-climate and meteorological data support the food security agenda;
  4. High-quality data supports science;
  5. Science provides a sound basis for operational hydrology;
  6. We have a thorough knowledge of the water resources of our world;
  7. Sustainable development is supported by information covering the full hydrological cycle;
  8. Water quality is known;

Each of these ambitions represents an area of broad societal benefit and serves as an aspirational goal to guide WMO activities on operational hydrology.

Congress 18 (Cg-18) also agreed to prepare a Plan of Action to strengthen national hydrological services and the build the capacity of national service providers to support Member States’ efforts to achieve these long-term ambitions.  As a first step in this process, we are soliciting inputs on the gaps and needs, within the scope of operational hydrology and roles and responsibilities of national hydrological service providers, that must be addressed to make progress towards these ambitions.

We have broken the identification of gaps into five action areas that would support achievement of the eight ambitions. For each, we have identified an initial set of missing elements and current deficiencies and are now seeking your input on whether these capture the gaps as you see them and get input on any things we may have missed. At the same time, sharing of your opinions, experience, and proposals for possible actions to overcome current gaps are welcomed and will be used for preparation of the Action plan.

Hydrological Coordination Panel will use these inputs to develop a draft Action Plan which  will be further discussed during the first quarter of 2021 before being presented to Hydrological Assembly and Congress in June 2021.

At the same time, the Research Board will be initiating a similar process to collect inputs on a draft WMO Research Strategy for operational hydrology. While similar to the Action Plan, the Research Strategy will not focus on programmatic activities to build the capacities and capabilities of the National Service Providers but on areas where additional scientific research would improve the tools and approaches for advancing operational hydrology and earth systems modelling. There will be more coming on this process shortly. Please comment bellow, if some important gaps remained unexpressed, you may also comment on what should be our priorities and on specific actions that you see as most critical for achieving long-term ambitions.

Thank you for your inputs and involvement

Jan Danhelka

Chair, Hydrological Coordination Panel

Five action areas

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